About Me

My husband and I crossed the river to Precinct 9 in 2018 to be near friends and quickly fell in love with Brookline! I work in tech, commute by bike and T to Kendall, play soccer with my friends’ kids at Coolidge Park, and care a lot about social justice.


Housing and zoning reform. I love Brookline, but few people I know can afford to live here. All of metro Boston has a housing crisis, and we have the tools to make it better.

Attend any Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to learn what obstacles face even moderate new construction. We have old, restrictive zoning that makes it difficult to build dense and affordable housing. Precinct 9’s streets are lined with beautiful multifamily homes built a century ago that couldn’t be built today because of those restrictions! This is something Town Meeting can change.

Climate change. We have so much we can do beyond banning plastic bags and regulating leaf blowers. Denser housing, more mass transit, multimodal streets – all of these offer huge opportunities to reduce overall environmental impact.

Social justice. Brookline is no exception to the rest of the country in the work we have to do. Zoning reform is a crucial component (we can’t escape the legacy of redlining without it!), as is housing affordability. So is police reform: I support the recommendations of the Task Force to Reimagine Policing.

For more and for other issues, see my endorsement responses.

Endorsed By

Go here to see my answers to questionnaires from B4E, BEC, and other local organizations.

B4E has endorsed eight candidates in Precinct 9 (including my friend and neighbor Lee Biernbaum). Together we make a great slate to vote for. If you’d like a postcard with all of our names to take into the polling place, print page 9 here or contact me!

Me on my front porch with a Brookline for Everyone sign and my